The Bureau

The bureau

Of everything I've ever written, The Bureau is one of my favorites. The Bureau was shot for my Sight & Sound: Studio class -- a class for which students have to shoot multi-cam in a studio and edit live. We had only two hours to shoot our projects in the studio. Unfortunately, the studio walls were (sorry, no offense, NYU) downright ugly. My solution? Black out the walls and write a script set around a mysterious business table in a black void. Take that, ugly walls!

The Bureau claimed second place at the 2013 NYU Sight & Sound Showcase, becoming the first Studio film ever to place in the history of the Tisch Showcase. Before The Bureau, only films that placed at the Showcase were from the classes that allowed traditional filmmaking ever placed at the showcase, unfettered by the restrictions of shooting in a studio and editing live. That's the power of a well-conceived script!